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Ralph Squire, President of SERI

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To see a chapter from Ralphs Bio Click here

To see book: When Chicken Soup is not Enough click here

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Emotions, Energy and Healing by Dr Eric Robins

Clearing DNA and Dysfunctional Minds by Pete Warburton

Introducing Our Second and Third Brains

At the Side of the Cosmic Expressway

My Stroke of Insight - Who Are We? a talk by Jill Bolte Taylor, filmed Feb 2008

Age of Convergence by Charles Ostman

Praise As Good as Cash to Brain

Anxious? Do a Crossword Puzzle!

Our Higher Selves: The Thought Adjusters

Scientific Instincts by William C. Gough, FMBR

A Pioneer of the New Paradigm, Amit Goswami, PhD

Quantum Activism by Amit Goswami

Paradoxes of Quantum Physics: Consciousness, by Daniel Pinchbeck

2012 - A Pole Shift in Our Collective Psyche by John Major Jenkins

What is the Galactic Alignment by John Major Jenkins

Incarnation of the Self by Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Birth of a Cocreative Universal Humanity by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Russian Discoveries About DNA

Change Your Life - Listen to Intuituion by Judith Orloff, MD

The Magic of Synchronicities by Judith Orloff, MD

Deja Vu by Judith Orloff, MD

Five Steps to Intuitive Healing by Judith Orloff, MD

The Health Benefits of Tears by Judith Orloff, MD

Tips to Cope with Personal Space Intrusion by Judith Orloff, MD

How To Deal with a Narcissist by Judith Orloff, MD

The Energy of Food by Judith Orloff, MD

Are You an Empath by Judith Orloff, MD

How to Deal with a Control Freak by Judith Orloff, MD

The Power of Releasing Resentment by Judith Orloff, MD

Are You Addicted to Fear? by Judith Orloff, MD

Who's The Emotional Vampire in Your Life by Judith Orloff, MD

Are You an Anxiety Junkie? by Judith Orloff, MD

What is Your Emotional Type by Judith Orloff, MD

Tapping the Power of Your Dreams by Judith Orloff, MD

How To Listen to Your Body by Judith Ortloff, MD

How To Tell the Difference Between Lust and Love by Judith Orloff, MD

Tips to Deal with Annoying People by Judith Orloff, MD

4 Tips to Deal with Anger by Judith Orloff, MD

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others by Judith Orloff, MD

How To Protect Your Energy by Judith Orloff, MD

Do You Trust Your Inner Voice? by Judith Orloff, MD

How Patience Can Impower Your Life by Judith Orloff, MD

How to Attract Positive People by Judith Orloff, MD

The Primal World Ensouled by Richard Tarnas

Bringing It All Home by Richard Tarnas

Full Moon Meditations by Buryl Payne, PhD

You Are Perfection by Melinda Iverson Inn

Speaking Our Truth by Melinda Iverson Inn

Accessing the Gratitude Within by Melinda Iverson Inn

The Power Beyond Your Willpower by Melinda Iverson Inn

What You Think, You Are by Melinda Iverson Inn

Trust Your Mouth by Melinda Iverson Inn

Catch, Love and Release by Melinda Iverson Inn

Energetic Etiquette, Consciously or Unconsciously Eavesdropping by Melinda Iverson Inn

The Helpful Masters by Melinda Iverson Inn

2012 and the Dynamics of Energy by Charlotte "Lotte" Bowen

Radical Self-Forgiveness by Colin Tipping

Awakening the Sacred Body by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Views on Being Creators by Jerry Gin, PhD

An Evolving Journey: Science and Mind-Being by Jerry Gin, PhD

What You Put Our Is What You Get Back by Deborah Sorkin, MD

The Shift from Mind to Heart Consciousness by Kiesha Crowther

The Mind is Only a Tool by Michael Brine

Truth by Michael Brine

Fear is a Handicap by Michael Brine

Life - A Journey of Discovery by Michael Brine

Attention All Parents and Parents to Be by Michael Brine

Does Our Brain Really Create Consciousness by Peter Russell

The Upgrading of Humanity by Geoff Stray

The Many Quantum Multidimensional You's by Denise Le Fay

What's Ahead for 2012? by Denise LeFay

Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self by Sir David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD

Becoming A Limitless You by Lee Gerdes

Brain Wave Optimization by Dianne Price (Ref Lee Gerdes)

Long Distance Healing and the Science of the LIFE FORCE by Claude Swanson, PhD

Door Way to a New Start by Selacia

Making Sense of Now by Selacia

Humanity's New Chapter by Selacia

Raising Your Frequency, Healing the Earth by Selacia

Law of Transformation by Deepak Chopra

An Update on Consciousness Change by Chris Thomas

Soul Re-integration - the Process has Begun by Chris Thomas

Turn Off Your Headache Like A Switch by Dr Uri Kenig

Mind Over Genes by Dr Bruce Lipton

The Magic of Gratitude by Rhonda Byrne

An Overview of the Life of Jiddu Krishnamurti by Michael Brine

The New Reality: Ascension, etc by Debbie West

Meditation Tips by Sister Jenna

What Will You Believe About Yourself Today by David Arenson, ND

Don't Let Vampires Destroy Your Dreams by David Arenson, ND

2012 - Ascension in Times of Intensity by David Arenson, ND

Facing the Crux: A Commentary on Facing Change by David G. Arenson

3 Ways To Tap Into Unlimited Abundance by David G. Arenson, ND

How and Why You Can Use the Mind for Healing by David G. Arenson, ND

I, Butterfly by David G. Arenson, ND

Why Clearing Energy Blocks is the Way to Reclaim Your Magnificence by Davis G. Arenson, ND

Reclaim Your Magnificence by David G. Arenson, ND

5 Quetions to Kickstart Total Life Transformation by David G. Arenson, ND

The Gravitas of Healing Beyond Reason by David G. Arenson, ND

Take Responsibility for the Whole World by David G. Arenson, ND

How to Use Your Mind to Heal by David G. Arenson, ND

Find Your Own Bliss by David G. Arenson, ND

The Value of Suffering by David G. Arenson, ND

Hearts Have Their Own Brains and Consciousness from