What is Subtle Energy?

What is Subtle Energy?
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Subtle energy is defined as, but not limited to the following:


One or more forms of energy, which do not appear to be within the electromagnetic spectrum.  Unknown at this time is the interaction or the impact that subtle energies have on measurable electromagnetic forces, nuclear energy and/or atomic bonds, gravitational effects, or mass.    


Some described energy forms or systems which furnish partial or limited descriptions of subtle energy are:  chi, ki, prana, the force, love, kundalini, orgone, space energy, zero-point energy, aura field energy, energy of thought, energy of consciousness, spiritual energy, life-force energy, ether/aether/eter, vril,  energy of intention, and intuition.


Subtle energy appears to be compatible with the theories of Quantum Physics and may not be equated with Newtonian conceptions of ‘force’ and ‘work’.

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