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How to submit Articles to SERI-Worldwide


SERI will accept research articles and other articles of general  interest to our readers related to subtle energy.  SERI is unique in that we will consider for publication research of an observational nature, which most scientific Journals will not publish.  We feel that the observations and stories of people may be very valuable and may lead to further understanding and investigations in the subtle energy areas. 



Submission of articles should be in digital form and emailed to   If working with a focus coordinator, email the manuscript to the coordinator or the above email.  If a digital copy is not  possible, the typed manuscript may be mailed to Ralph Squire, 11555 Yankee Hill Road, Columbia, CA 95310 .  In all cases, the submission must include  the author's  name, address, telephone number, email address  and any other contact information.


Research Articles

The research article should be some kind of investigation or observation related to subtle energy.  It should include a short introduction, what you discovered and how you did it, some observation of results and a conclusion and/or discussion.  Manuscripts can be of any length, but one to 5 pages plus any graphics is probably best. You may include photos, drawings, graphs or any un-copyrighted material that helps to explain the article.


Articles of General Interest

If an article is submitted that is not a research article, but a literature review, story, book review, etc., then the article should be well written and interesting to the proposed audience. It should not be longer than 5 pages plus graphics. It may be submitted to  or an appropriate focus coordinator.



All papers will be read by several reviewers. The reviewers reserve the right to accept or reject any article for publication for any reason.  A paper may be sent back to the author for suggested modifications before publication in order to increase clarity and/or readability.