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Bill Russell, Shaman

Please submit your Shamanism articles to Bill Russell by clicking:

Bill Russell's website

What Is Shamanism?

In The King's Chamber by Hank Wesselman

Thoughts by Hank Wesselman, PhD

The New Mysteries by Hank Wesselman, PhD

An Indigenous Prophecy by Hank Wesselman, PhD

Seven Stages of Re-Enchantment by Hank Wesselman, PhD

The Seven Laws of the Great Spirit by Hank Wesselman, PhD

The Bowl of Light by Hank Wesselman

Walking with the World Tree by Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Why the Search for Subatomic Particles is an Illusion by Mike Adams

Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness by Llyn Roberts

Cultivate Awareness by Llyn Roberts

Can Subtle Energy Interfacw With Technology? by Judith Jubb

Homo Luminous: The New Human by Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Shamanic Plant Mind by James Kent

A Fable by Geoff Stray

Be Your Own Shaman by Deborah King

So Certain Are You? by Keith Varnum