Near-death Experiences

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Near-death Experiences

Bill Russell

Please submit your near-death experience articles to Bill Russell by clicking:

Near Death Experiences by Rene Jorgensen

A video clip of a TV show with Rene Jorgensen

Science Confirms Survival by J.J. Snyder

Practicing Conscious Living and Dying by Annamaria Hemingway

Near Death Experiences: What Really Happens?

Near Death Experience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict

Does Death Exist? New Theory Says 'No' by Robert Lanza, MD

Fast Lane to Heaven by Ned Dougherty

About the Continuity of Our Consciousness by Pim van Lommel

Historic Near-Death Experience Cases by Horizon Research Foundation

Glimpses of Eternity by Dr Raymond L. Moody

A video about a Near Death Experience

Heaven is Real by Eben Alexander, MD