Energy Medicine by Donna Eden
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June 20, 2003

As a physician interested in helping patients achieve 
wellness, I was fascinated by Donna Eden's Energy Medicine.    I maintain a large library of books on complementary  health topics. Among the hundreds of books in the category  of Energy this book STANDS OUT as the only book to my  knowledge that addresses so many different energy systems. 

 I have wondered how to reconcile chakras, meridians, etc. 
and Donna Eden does just that. The book is also unique 
because it demystifies and provides access to many routines  that can be used for self-help. Many books are full of  esoterica and mystery that leave the reader with useless 
knowledge. Energy Medicine is full of practical information.

Chapters deal with major topics. Within each chapter are 
"How-to Boxes," giving specific suggestions on how to 
manage over 30 different common problems. The short Daily 
Energy Routine in Chapter 3 has benefited everybody who 
continues to do it.

 I bought the videos because I wanted to see Donna at work and  I wanted to see some of the movements. They are an excellent  addition to the book.

Energy Medicine is a gold mine of information. Every time I 
dig for a nugget, I get something out of it. The book bears 
re-reading, and I can testify that the effort is time well-
 spent. My copy is dog-eared from use. I purchased a second 
book as a loaner because I recommend it so frequently. 
Optimal health has been defined as the unlimited and unimpeded  free flow of life force energy through body, mind and spirit. 

This book introduces you to techniques which make that 

Fairport, NY United States
Rating: *****


 December 18, 2003

 If you are one of those rare people who really has no interest  in feeling good and having more energy, then, whatever you do,  don't buy this book. If you do, don't do a single one of the  exercises. You are forewarned that doing these exercises will  likely mean that you're going to experience:

  * Improved health
  * Elevated moods
  * A sense of well-being
  * A genuine spring in your step
  * Energy levels you probably haven't experienced in years

This is a book that's jam-packed with information that's 
easy to use, yet extremely effective. Eden is generous with 
her techniques, and for those willing to actually practice 
them, lives will change for the better--physically, mentally, 
and spiritually.

 I cannot recommend this book strongly enough, or often enough.   I've experienced my own miracles from using these techniques,  and watched as others who tried them found their own personal  miracles.

But it's really not for those who want to maintain an 
existence of pain, low energy, and bad moods. Those people 
need to avoid  this book at all costs!

 For all others--click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button 
immediately. You'll love this book!

Lexington, OK USA 
Rating: *****


September 10, 2003
This book has changed my life! It beautifully portrays our 
bodies' amazing energetic networks with clarity and precision.   It is well organized, easy to follow and suffused with the  authors' experiences and insights. 
I consider this to be the master textbook for energy medicine! 

This book is full of simple techniques that one can easily 
use to improve health and well-being. It includes a daily 5 
minute routine that improves general well-being as well as 
many other tips and strategies for specific problems. I use 
the techniques on a daily basis and they have caused a huge  shift in my well being. My life just keeps getting better as  I apply the principles I have learned.
If you want to learn about our energetic systems and feel 
empowered and uplifted at the same time, you will love 
this book!
Kathy Chambers 
Portland, OR USA
 Rating: *****


January 30, 2002
Donna Eden's book, ENERGY MEDICINE, is a priceless addition  to any energy healer's book shelves. In simple language with  clear illustrations, Eden outlines ways to release stress,  restore energies, escape the grip of fear, concentrate in the  midst of fear and stress, feel joyful more often, overcome  digestive problems, mend broken arms and legs, overcome  nervousness, calm people (and yourself), relieve arthritic  pain, relieve muscle cramps, relieve low back pain, and  regain control when feeling hysterical.

 I would be thrilled with any book that so clearly outlines 
techniques for helping people with such a wide variety of 
ailments, aches and pains, but ENERGY MEDICINE goes several  steps further. Eden describes the body's energy meridians,  chakra balancing, and how to do the "celtic weave". 

As Eden explains, "The Celtic weave, as an energy system, 
laces through all your other energy systems and creates a 
resonance among them. It is the weaver of your force fields. 
It holds your entire energetic structure together. As an 
exercise, you use the Celtic weave to pulse your aura's 
energies outward and to strengthen them. The exercise also 
connects all your energies together so they operate as a 
single web. Touch one strand, anywhere, and your whole 
system reverberates in harmony."

I love the way ENERGY MEDICINE includes a vast assortment of  fascinating real-life stories of energy healings that Donna  Eden has been involved in, including her own recovery from  being bitten by a poisonous insect in Fiji. The shamans in  Fiji treated Donna for her bite by burying her up to her  neck in sand for long stretches several times over a two day  period, believing the toxins would be drained into the sand.

Donna recovered her full health in Fiji, and shortly 
thereafter began her studies of energy healing.

 I highly recommend ENERGY MEDICINE to anyone with an interest  in energy healing. Experienced energy healers and novices can  all find much of great value in this essential reference book.

Cynthia S. Larson
San Francisco bay area, CA USA
Rating: *****


February 21, 2001

Donna's book, Energy Medicine, is written so that it is 
easily accessible to the layman but it is equally useful 
to the professional Kinesiologist, and other health 
professionals, who can gain many insights from Donna's 
experience in the energy medicine field.

This book sets out the principles of Energy Medicine in 
such a way that, chapter by chapter, knowledge is added 
layer by layer. Part of the book covers the meridians of 
the body and Chinese Five Elements Theory written so that 
even the layman can understand these principles. This book
is packed full of self-help measures that the reader can 
apply immediately.

It also contains much interesting material for the 
professional Kinesiologist, allowing them to add to their 
repertoire. It includes such things as how to keep yourself
and your kids calm, how to get your kids up in the morning
(using energy techniques), techniques for breast pain and 
pain control methods, among many others.

Donna's joy and vitality infuses each page of this book and 
makes it a very enjoyable read. No one, having met or seen 
Donna at workshops etc. could doubt the efficacy of energy 
medicine. She exudes such good health, love of life and 
positive energy and this comes through in this book. I 
heartily recommend anyone whose good health is compromised,  who wants more daily energy or wants to expand their knowledge  of energy medicine, to read this book, use the self-help  guidelines and see for themselves how it improves their life.

Tadworth, Surrey United Kingdom
 Rating: *****


February 2, 1999

In the foreword to this book, Caroline Myss states 
"The contribution Donna Eden has made with Energy Medicine  will stand as one of the backbone studies as we lay a sound  foundation for the field of holistic medicine." I found that  Eden's approach to energy medicine is simple, yet amazing.

She incorporates many ancient ways of healing, focusing on 
Chinese meridian theory, the chakras, the aura, the 5 
elements, and four other systems. She explains our multi-
layers, how to maintain them, and how to weave all the energy  systems together. Her five-minute daily routine for "keeping  your energies humming," for instance, is easy to follow and  practice yourself.

She also shows how the body is a barometer. Even lack of joy  shows up in the body. Eden is a highly developed intuitive,  and you will find your own way to heal yourself with the  guidance you find in this excellent, well-organized book.

Reviewer: A reader
Rating: *****