Dowsing to Clear Unconscious Obstructions: The Mental and Spirit Levels by Melinda Iverson Inn

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Dowsing to Clear Unconscious Obstructions: Volume 2, The Mental and Spirit Levels’
Written by Melinda Iverson Inn  

Founder of the Inn Methods® for Clearing Unconscious Obstructions


Melinda Iverson Inn’s Dowsing to Clear Unconscious Obstructions; The Mental and Spirit Levels is the second in a two-volume set (the first book covered the approach to such obstructions on the emotional level). The two books, combined, constitute a natural progression from Inn’s The Spirit of Dowsing (2009) and Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer (2010).

Inn’s current offering is, once again, a look at the practice and practicalities of using pendulum dowsing as a tool for healing on many levels. Although anyone with an interest in the subject will find it instructive, this 15-chapter book, like the volume that preceded it, seems written more for aspiring students and dowsing practitioners than for the casual reader. In other words, don’t try this at home.

Clear and well-written, the succinct chapters of Volume 2 contain, like Volume 1, numerous useful tools and techniques for the practicing dowser. The first, and one of the most interesting chapters, is on the “etiquette” of dowsing and energy work, that is, the understandings, conditions, attitudes and mutual agreements necessary for this type of interaction, whether as student, teacher, or practitioner.

Succeeding chapters include details such as: use of the dowsing pendulum and of neurolinguistic programming (NLP); re-framing, work with neurological levels, methods of identifying valid feedback, and tracking progress during a working session.

Also useful are “wordlist charts,” developed in dowsing sessions with the late Robert J. Wade-Mahany, modified by Pete Warburton, and combined Melinda’s own worded versions are applicable as shorthand when applied to dowsing as a healing mode. The extensive “Trauma” wordlists include one- or two-word adjectives for situational obstacles ranging from mild frustration to memories of torture or abuse.

The “Transpersonal” wordlists include such positive and desirable interactive conditions as “Compassion,” “Trust,” and “Serenity.” The much shorter “Aspect” lists concern those with whom subjects may have issues, e.g. Mother, Friend, Co-Worker.

The five case studies and the two full beginning-to-end-of-session exchanges with clients in Chapters nine through eleven are perhaps the most instructive, as well as occasionally frustrating, look into the process. On the one hand, they provide useful insights into the method and flow of a dowsing session in action.

On the other, because they are notations rather than transcriptions, it’s sometimes difficult to grasp the actual emotional, mental, spiritual, or even verbal process by which the stated problem is resolved. (In one situation, for example, the subject’s issue is stated to have been resolved on several levels, although her last reported response to the process is “Huh?”)

Overall, however, this book continues Inn’s pattern of clear, principled, and confident teachings on the elusive art and practice of dowsing. The instruction is complimented throughout by illustrative and clarifying quotes by sages and practitioners from a refreshing variety of sources, and by lush and lovely photography. The book’s final chapter, after all the practical detail, flows into the mystical, with prayers and chants for use in dowsing, emotional release, house clearing and earth healing.

For anyone seriously interested in the whys and hows of this highly specialized form of healing and energy work, both volumes 1 and 2 of Dowsing to Clear Unconscious Obstructions are a must-have.

—Amie Hill, author of Meditation 101: A clear and Friendly Guide for Beginners of All Persuasions.

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 “Melinda’s Inn Method is simply one of the most effective methods I have observed in 30 years at freeing individuals from trauma.”

~M.J.G.,  American Society of      

Dowsers (ASD) SW Regional VPASD Education Committee Member

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About the Author:

Melinda Iverson Inn is an intuitive researcher, author, speaker, teacher and certified Master NLP and Health NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. Founder of the Inn Methods® for clearing Unconscious Obstructions. Inn is the author of The Spirit of Dowsing, A Beginner’s Guide (2009), Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer (2010), Advanced Dowsing for Clearing Unconscious Obstructions (2011), and purveyor of Pure Intent Water
® Energized Drops.