Columba and Her Steering Wheel by Nancy French

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Columba and Her Steering Wheel 
by Dr. Nancy French 

(see website for bio)
 Illustrated by Rebecca Sarin  (see website for bio) 
Published 8/9/12
CAM Publishing  

Questions and/or comments may be emailed 

Synopsis:  Columba and Her Steering Wheel  is a brand new
               children's book!  Columba is THE Female Christopher
The focus is on “young” ladies ages eight (8)
               and up. Allow Columba to 
take you on her journey.
               You may be surprised at what
you learn.
               You may even realize you have control over your own life.

Columba and Her Steering Wheel has a profound effect on the soul for a truly moving experience. Any child or adult wishing for health, strength and well-being will be mesmerized. Beautifully illustrated with an articulate blend of saturated color to pull you in to the story which will capture your heart forever with a clear, deep longing.  A mystical delight to stir your senses. 

Dr. Nancy French, author, and Rebecca Sarin, illustrator, used a concept so unique to have this effect on the journey Columba mastered.  Thank you for sharing this meaningful message for years to come."
          -  Carolyn H. 

"Truly a work of art.  Rebecca is very imaginative and the whole book is like a dream.  I know my 4-year-old will love the colors.  I feel like it's organic - the way she visualizes our world and depicts it."          -  Elaine M.,  Rebecca's  high school art      teacher 

Columba and Her Steering Wheel:   Frank and I both have read it, and we're so impressed with Becca's art work.  I enjoyed your story as a narration on where we all are NOW and how to manifest what we are heading toward.  Nicely done.  I liked the questions to help the reader focus on what they are perceiving, desiring, intuiting. And the descriptions of how the people interacted is a great cue on "let's try THIS."  Very nicely done, Nancy and Becca!  You've been a fine team!           -  Sally and Frank K. 

"A wonderful inspiration for young girls setting out on life's journey ... follow your heart."             -  Beth S.