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Vortex Field Guide
by the Vortex Research Group

Across America there are numerous tourist attractions calling themselves "Mystery Hill", "Mystery Spot", "House of Mystery" etc. Some of these roadside attractions actually demonstrate phenomena that appear more like the new quantum physics than the old Newtonian physics. Others are frauds.  How can you tell them apart? What kind of astounding phenomena do you find at a real vortex? How can it be demonstrated, observed and measured? How
can you identify new vortexes from maps, air photos, and on the ground?  Where can you find these vortexes? The Vortex Field Guide answers these questions and more, paving the way for some very fun but serious research.

The Vortex Field Guide is $19, available exclusively from  Call 541-951-3394 for a free package of information on Vortexes, maps and related books.


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