Jesus: God and Man by Larry Mullins
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Jesus: God and Man is based upon revelatory information from The Urantia Book.

Our book, Jesus: God and Man, does not contend with the
Biblical gospels, but rather expands and enhances their presentation of the life and teachings of Jesus. The role of revelation is not to establish a new religion. It is rather to sweep away the logic-tight barriers between religion, science and philosophy:

“Reason is the proof of science, faith the proof of
religion, logic the proof of philosophy, but revelation is validated only by human experience. Science yields knowledge; religion yields happiness; philosophy yields unity; revelation confirms the experiential harmony of this triune approach to universal reality.” [The Urantia Book, page 1106, par. 7]

Some readers may consider this expanded treatment of the bestowal of
Jesus in such a cosmic context as entertaining science fiction rather than revelation. However, our mission is to inspire a new generation of believers to truly “follow after” the Master in the demonstration of his authentic life of religious devotion to the doing of God’s will and of his consecration to the unselfish service of humankind.

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