Eyes of the Messenger by Denise Lee
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 Eyes Of The Messenger: The True Life Story Of A Natural Mystic & Healer (Paperback)
The power of the mind is so unknown and we only use a fraction of its power but a few gifted and open people can tap into its full power. Denise is one of these people and it has taken great courage to come forward and share her stories. Bravo for giving us this brief and exciting peek at the possibilities of the mind!

Eyes Of The Messenger: The True Life Story Of A Natural Mystic & Healer (Paperback)
As a book it is just a book book but as a life story it is a triumph of over coming what people think of you and doing what you know is right.

Eyes Of The Messenger: The True Life Story Of A Natural Mystic & Healer (Paperback)
From knowing the author personally, I wasn't entirely surprised by the tales of her struggles in raising her kids and throughout her relationships. What did surprise me, was reading how many people she has touched and helped. Whether you believe in the powers of healing or in "all things mystical," there is no doubting just how big her heart is. And all that anyone can ask of us in life is to give more than you take, she has done this. I am really glad to know her, and a few others like her, in a world otherwise full of unkindness.

When I got he book, I couldn't put it down. Denise has spent years studying mystic mastery and is a powerful healer. When she works on you, she is connected to spirit and miracles happen. She opens her heart on the pages of her book. Thank you for sharing these personal stories.
I have known Denise for about 9 years now and after reading her book, i feel so much closer to her than ever before even though she lives so far away. Her book helped me realize what is happening within my own soul and pyche. She has attuned me to some of her Reiki practices and I embraced them with open arms and an open mind. God put Denise into my life for a reason and she helped me see into my soul. I believe she is going to be an incredible writer. This is just her beginning and i cannot wait until she writes her next book. I also would like to share my testimony on this review...I met Denise as she was moving into the house across the street from my mother's house and I went over to ask her if she wanted any help. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of being so drawn to her. One day, she asked me if I would like to have a cleansing. I had no idea what that meant but I was open to new things so i said sure! She did not put her hands on me but on my "bubble" for the lack of a better word and the feeling that overcame me was intense! It felt like i was being showered in gold rain. After she was done, my soul felt purified and cleansed, so to speak. It was such a wonderful feeling. As time went on we grew really close and i felt i became part of her family and she became part of my soul and my family. In her book she describes she had to be careful of what she shared with people infear that they might think she is crazy. Well, im just some normal person on this planet and what she did to me was so powerful and soul-freeing and mystical, but most of all very VERY REAL! I hope that she becomes successful with her work and her writings and I really hope that anyone that comesin contact with her remains open to what she is about to teach you! I have to thank Denise for writing this book. Its her first one and she has alot more love and insight on her life to share with others. She is my angel and I wholeheartedly believe that with my entire soul! I have so much more to share about this woman but then i think i need to find a publisher to release my book of testimony on Miss Denise Lee¢¾

Mark Keyes said: November 29th, 2011 8:23 am
A very personal and touching account of living the life of a mystic and healer. I was touched and inspired by many of the personal experiences you've shared and a light bulb went off for me on the importance of forgiveness to help us and the ones we love move forward into our next life. Well done!

Chris Rucco said: December 28th, 2011 5:53 pm
Life is what we make of it. No one person can say you did or did not do what you were meant to do in life. It is simply the results of your labor that will speak for them selves and those around you from whom you can derive truthful testimony of your efforts. In this life my mother has done more amazing things and has struggled through more than her share of hard times, but not once did she ever quit on herself. Her spirit and self-determination simply will not let her go silently into the night. Her testimony here in the pages of this book are as expected, a first hand account of a persons worth, and they bear witness to her life as it was lived. Triumph over tragedy is the moral, living to your fullest potential even while you are forced down by the powers that be is the struggle and never loosing sight of who you are and who you are to become is the goal. She has followed her dreams and inner guides to become the mother any son would be proud of. I love the book as it actually taught me about things I was unable to be present for in her life. I congratulate you mom for having what it takes to be you and not let anyone stop you. You are my hero, my wonder woman and my mom. This is a great book, Thank you.

Connie V said: December 27th, 2011 6:27 pm
I loved "Eyes of the Messenger"! My husband bought it for me for a Christmas present and made me wait til December 25th! It was worth the wait! Denise takes you along her journey of the Mystic and Healing Powers she is so blessed with. This book surely captured my mind and took me places that were so settling, I want to read it again!! I've only known Denise a very short time, but she makes you feel as though you have known her forever :)