My Lifelong Ambition by David Von Neumann
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  Dear Fellow Alchemists, 

I've written a double-book of 64 chapters a piece which is itself a treatise on physical immortality written in a novel-esque style called: My Lifelong Ambition: To Become A Child Prodigy, based on the story of a musician who seeing himself getting older, decides to put down his instrument to cure the aging process before returning to the stage once more.

On his search to cure or at least stop the aging process he discovers what many university physic students are taught in school these days: that time is relative to the speed of light."Fine" he says, "so just as soon as I can ingest some light, some highly charged monatomic gold, since time will be relative to me, then it won't run for me anymore."
So he goes out and gets himself some monatomic gold and the rest is his-story.

 But What Is It? 

It = the 1st cause of life in this world.Just as was said in the Bible: 'in the beginning was light'.Many people who ingest it hear a continuous sound inside their heads.

But What Is It?

A connection to the source known as "conscience", also known as the music of the spheres, also known as the sound from the center of the world, or the emanation of the Sun, its tone and note, in short: 'the word'.To be able to hear this sound one must be telepathic.When one is thus connected to the source and has telepathic conscience he's in divine unity. "Divine Unity" is what many scientists these days are calling "Super-Conductivity". . . . But then again: "If you lived here you'd be home by now".So how exactly does one become light and end his quest once and for all?
That's what my book's about.
And have a look.

Even if you're not an avid reader, the artwork on the site is very pleasing to the eyes, as there you'll see the Ark of the Covenant.It's just surfaced again. "In Gold We Trust". It's always there at the beginning of every New Age.

Sincerely,David von Neumann