Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years by Selacia

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Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years

A Direct Path to Enlightened Living

About the Book

The Earth is at a precipice; there is a sense of urgency about the world and our place in it. In Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years, Selacia answers universal questions about the future and our role. She addresses these times of great change, prophecies, our future, and the vital role of divine changemakers. Providing a big-picture view, this book helps you to:

  • Comprehend what the paradigm shift really means for you and everyone on Earth
  • Understand why this is the most important time you could be alive
  • Gain a new appreciation of Earth's pivotal years with your own take-action guide
  • Recognize the new, more heart-centered world in the making

We live during an historic window of time. Important choices must be made - by each of us and by humanity as a whole. Humanity is coming out of a very dark time. We live during extraordinary moments with much uncertainty, chaos, and fear-based messages. There is an awakening under way. Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years addresses these times, how we got here, how to view current and future events, and what each person can do to create a life filled with love, joy, and purpose.

As you read it, your questions about living now will be answered. You will gain clarity about your specific role as a divine changemaker - along with a potent take-action guide for spiritual transformation.

Through this book, you will discover a new source of inspiration and courage for taking the next steps. You will have a new respect for yourself, others, and the home that we call Earth. You will have a big-picture view of how we got here and where we are headed. You will have validations of many things that you have long suspected to be true.

Selacia's book explains the nonsense of these times. A brief history of prophecies is included so that you can find your own truth and move into the future in a more empowered way.


Selacia photo

About the Author: 

Selacia is an internationally acclaimed writer, intuitive healer, and guide to others on the path of spiritual awakening. A former foreign correspondent with The Wall Street Journal and other media, she has decades of experience in the areas of world politics, social change, healing, consciousness, and spiritual transformation. In her journalism career, Selacia covered the White House, US Congress, G8 meetings, economic summits, and world trade talks. In her global healing work, she has addressed the United Nations (SEAT). Her writings are read in sixty-four countries. She is a pioneer in DNA intuitive healing, serving people everywhere who desire wholeness and a heart-centered life. Selacia has dedicated her life to spirit, and to opening the way for others to progress on their path of enlightenment.