Partnering With Nature by Catriona MacGregor
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 Partnering With Nature by Catriona MacGregor


“With each successive generation, those born in industrialized nations grow further removed from the natural world of their ancestors.  Technology increasingly captures our time and commands our attention, until most personal interaction with the living world is reduced to a minimal level.  The result, MacGregor posits, is a planet under siege with it’s human inhabitants spiritually, if not substantially, stretched to the breaking point.  


From the physical to the metaphysical, emotional to environmental, MacGregor chronicles the countless ways contemporary society has disconnected from nature, and the resultant adverse effects on humankind and the biosphere.  

Displaying the insights of an anthropologist, MacGregor cites both ancient cultures and existent indigenous societies in demonstrating the historical foundations for, and the implications of nature-based spiritual practices as well as scientific investigations.


In this contemplative yet vibrant treatise, she not only analyses the myriad ways humanity can benefit from a greater awareness of the natural world, but also recommends specific exercises to increase such interaction.  A leading proponent for global environmental protection and conservation, MacGregor offers powerful incentives for reestablishing natural connections”.


Carol Haggas, May 2011

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