The Secret of the Bluff Trail Labyrinth by Melanie France
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The Secret of the Bluff Trail Labyrinth by Melanie France

Is it possible for a sacred structure to call someone to create it?  This is what happened to me and the events that unfolded guided me down a journey that changed my life forever. 

While walking in our field in the fall of 2008, something strange happened.  I wondered about what should be done with the land.  Suddenly a thought came thundering into my head to build a labyrinth.  I had no clue how to build a labyrinth. 

As fate would have it, the very first website I came across was a labyrinth builder.  She e-mailed me complete instructions for building it.  A few days later, I was at a landscape company ordering supplies.  The salesman had no idea how to calculate the amount of stones required for a project like this.  After several failed attempts, I told him we would just make up some numbers and call it good and that’s what we did. 

When the rocks were delivered, the driver saw the design painted on the weed block paper and asked me where the large rocks were going.  I told him around the outside perimeter.  He said I hadn’t ordered nearly enough of them.  My girlfriend started hauling the rocks closer to where we were building the labyrinth and after thirty minutes she came and told me she was still hauling the large rocks.  I walked over to the pile and could not believe my eyes.  There were three times the large rocks from what I had ordered. 

The wonderful news is I took pictures of the rock pile right after the dump truck unloaded them, so I had proof of this miracle.  Ironically, I had just enough materials to complete the entire labyrinth.  Little did I know, this was only the beginning of the strange events.  As my friends came out to walk it, some of them were healed from injuries and illnesses. 

Then Orbs and other light forms started appearing in the pictures.  The shear number of Orbs that appeared in the pictures was mind boggling.  At times, a human or animal appeared inside an Orb.  I was beginning to realize that something very strange was going on in my backyard because of this sacred structure.
The following year we had hundreds of visitors.  Word of mouth brought people from all over the world to walk the labyrinth. 

Then one day last fall I stood in the center and shouted “I want to know the true purpose of this labyrinth and why it came into my life!”  
While looking for some papers in my filing cabinet, an old brass key fell down into the drawer.  I didn’t own any cabinets that required a key so I put it in my purse. 

From that moment on, I knew I was being guided by some unseen force.  It took me into the world of the ancient mystery teachings, books that had brass keys on the covers and a trip to Indiana. 

When I walked out of my hotel room and looked up, there was a tall building with an old key formed out of lights at the top.  Then the stories came.  I was sitting at my dining room table and the urge to write would be so strong I couldn’t stop it.  The stories were only two pages long and they were about people who lived thousands of years ago.  

the end, there were nine stories total.  Suddenly I realized they contained layers of teachings.  The final revelation of my original question was revealed just a few months ago.  I was walking the labyrinth and the words started flying into my mind.  I had to run and get a notebook.  I was told that walking the labyrinth activates the DNA and harmonizes it with the Earth and the galaxy. 

This connects a series of links that integrates the body, mind and consciousness with the cosmos.  This entire journey has made me aware that we live in a mysterious Universe and there is much to learn that goes beyond our current language and belief systems.

Melanie France
S9367 Old Bluff Trail
Prairie du Sac WI 53578
(608) 235-7778 
Author of “Chasing Orbs” and “The Secret of the Bluff Trail Labyrinth” available on