Along the Path to Enlightenment by David Hawkins, MD, PhD

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Along the Enlightening Path of Dr. David R. Hawkins

A doorway to heaven… …

After serving in World War II, I worked my way through medical school, as I was fascinated by the complexities of the mind and wanted to study psychiatry. My training psychoanalyst was an agnostic like me—both of us took a dim view of religion. The analysis went well, as did my career, and I became quite successful.

However, I didn’t settle quietly in to professional life: I succumbed to a progressive and fatal illness that did not respond to any available treatment. By the time I was 38, I knew I was about to die. I didn’t care about my body, but my spirit was in a state of extreme anguish and despair. As my final moment approached, the thought flashed through my mind, What if there is a God? So I called out in prayer, If there is a God, I ask Him to help me now. I surrendered to whatever God there might be, and went unconscious. When I awoke, a transformation of such enormity had taken place that I was struck dumb with awe.

The person I had been no longer existed. There was no personal self or ego left—just an Infinite Presence of such unlimited power that it was all that was. This Presence had replaced what had been “me,” and the body and its actions were controlled solely by the Presence’s infinite will. The world was illuminated by the clarity of an Infinite Oneness, which expressed itself as all things revealed in their immeasurable beauty and perfection.

For nine months, this stillness persisted. I had no will of my own; unbidden, the physical entity went about its business under the direction of the infinitely powerful, but exquisitely gently, will of the Presence. In that state, there was no need to think about anything. All truth was self-evident; no conceptualization was necessary or even possible.

Everything and everyone in the world was luminous and exquisitely beautiful. All living things became radiant, and expressed this radiance in stillness and splendor. It was apparent that all of mankind is actually motivated by inner love, but has simply become unaware; most people live their lives as though they’re sleepers unawakened to the perception of who they really are. Everyone looked as if they were asleep, but they were incredibly beautiful—I was in love with everyone.

The miraculous happened, beyond ordinary comprehension. Many chronic maladies from which I had suffered for years disappeared; my eyesight spontaneously normalized, and I no longer needed the bifocals I had worn for much of my life.

As my limited, false self dissolved into the universal Self of its true origin, there was an ineffable sense of having returned home, a state of absolute peace and relief from all suffering. For it’s only the illusion of individuality that is the origin of all suffering—when one realizes that one is the universe, complete and at one with all that is, forever without end, then no further suffering is possible.

Each step along the way to enlightenment is exciting and rewarding when its essence is revealed. For each seeker, there are important key understandings that light the way and facilitate success. My new book Along the Path of Enlightenment is a collection of such truths. Although there are many doorways to heaven, each seeker must find his or her own route.

Since he was three years old, Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., felt a heightened awareness of life. In his lifelong quest to solve the paradox of existence, he discovered a path to enlightenment that is scientifically compelling to modern society. Known around the globe as an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual lecturer, and mystic, Dr. Hawkins is the author of more than eight volumes, including the bestseller Power vs. Force. Now in his eighties, Dr. Hawkins continues to have a profound impact on humankind. His new book, Along the Path to Enlightenment is a collection of 365 daily reflections that will help you on your journey toward spiritual truth.