Hands of Peace: A Trilogy for Peace by Zeljka Roksandic and Robert Vincent Gerard
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The Trilogy of Hands of Peace serves as a tool and voice for the people of the world.  It provides an educational quest for every individual, family, tribe, community, culture, and nation. Each section of the trilogy delves into the many challenges that arise with the question of who's accountable for perpetuating peace.  The dialogues offered present a variety of concerns, issues, and petitions from the people to secure a better world and environment for living in peace.

The Hands of Peace Trilogy has three volumnes.  Volumne One looks into the personal aspects with regard to achieving peace.  This volumne divides itself into three sub-parts, which further clarifies the personal aspects and includes (a) looking within, (b) the power of Peace, and (c) Free Will and Peace.

Volumne Two delves into the social aspects for achieving Peace.  It also is divided into three sub-parts that highlight the social connotations, which need to be understood.  They include (a) the personal perspectives for social change, (b) institutional and governmental aspects for change, and (c) universal considerations for change.

Volumne Three of the Trilogy brings the reader into the heart and true purpose of the DNA Activation for "A World in Peace".
This volumne provides the instruments for change.  It is the "How-to" and application section that provides an numerus techniques, meditations, prayers, poems, and the detailed description of the DNA Activation for "A World in Peace".

The Appendix guides the reader with opportunities and references that are valuable in furthering the reader's ongoing pursuits, including contact information.   

Review and Testimonials:

" I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the DNA and Peace connection!!!  BRILLIANT"  ———Ronney A., Inner Words Magazine, Sacramento, CA

"I performed first DNA activation 60 times for two months. I have lots of energy, and I don’t stress and worry about daily events. My hair and nail grow fast. I seem to be thinking more clearly. This has been a wonderful experience. I just wanted to say thank you." ——— Yushiro W., M.D., Tokyo, Japan 2010/11/25

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