The Healing Power of Light by Primrose Cooper
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The Healing Power of Light, by Primrose Cooper.

In the Healing Power of Light, hard science and metaphysics merge to demonstrate how light can make us healthier – in body, mind, and spirit. In this highly useful book, Primrose Cooper offers an overview of healing theories of light, from the pioneering work of Rudolf Steiner, to the full-spectrum light treatment developed by Dr. Norman Rosenthal, to the ground-breaking work of pioneers like Vicky Wall, Barbara Brennan, and Peter Mandel. Light is – and has been – a healing agent for various disorders ranging from depression to cancer.

Exposure to light is extremely important for your overall health. What light is, how it is perceived, and its increasing uses in disease treatment are all explained in accessible language with clear headed advice to guide the reader toward a greater wholeness through light. $14.95