Ancient Wisdom For Modern Living by Ralph Squire
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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living
Santa Cruz, July 5, 2010  

All opinions given today, are my own, and do not reflect the official position of either the American Society Dowsers (ASD), the West Coast Conference (WCC) or the Subtle Energy Research Institute (SERI), of which I am the President.   

I would like to share with you a few observations about some ancient wisdom, that will affect our living in a dramatic way.  These will be paradigm Shifts. A paradigm is simply a set of beliefs about anything, that contributes to an outlook on life, of either an individual, or collectively as a society.  A sudden change in this belief system is a paradigm shift. I have had several paradigm shifts in my own life, which I believe gives me the insight to recognize a number of shifts going on in the world, today.  Any one shift, by itself, would have a huge impact on mankind.  The combination of several at the same time, will contribute to what some would call the ‘graduation’.Others would call it ‘Ascension’. 

First, my own experiences:  I once was a Christian Fundamentalist.  I had a set of beliefs which were rigid and unchangeable.  Now, I have an entirely different view of Deity.   I think my view of Deity changed as my self image changed. 

In some ways, it is not that God created man, but that man has created God.  Each of us has a different view of God, according to how we view ourselves.   

When a group of people with similar perspectives get together, they tend to form a religion, with a set of doctrinal beliefs about God.  It is all unproven theory.  But  shss, keep that quiet, because most of them accept their theories as facts, and feel impelled to convince others to accept the same views.  There are thousand of different religions. 
They can’t all be Correct.  

Most religions are fear based and are related to feelings of guilt.  I felt guilty and ‘worthless’, which attracted me to the doctrine of the atonement.   When I became dissatisfied with the church I was attending, I started visiting many other churches, searching for the one that worshipped the ‘true God’.   When I asked a friend “Whose God?”, he replied “Do you spell that ‘whose’ or who‘s?  I got the idea, and started to search deeper into my own self image.   

Most of us, as children, acquire the subconscious feeling that we are bad, that there is something wrong with us, we are inferior and worth less than others.  This leads to self condemnation and a sense of shame. I felt that my father did not accept me and that he was always trying to put me down.  I felt very competitive with my father.  Eventually, I discovered that he had been treated the same way by his father, my grandfather.  It had been going on down through many generations – this feeling of worthlessness.  The rational is:  If I am worthless, how can anything that comes from me, be of any value?  My children are worthless, too.   

After a long struggle, I decided that I could consciously change that view.  I decided that I was a worth while person.  The Law of Projection then began to work.  What I saw in myself, I saw in others.  The Golden Rule also began to work.  What you give out – you get back.  Others, including my father, began to treat me differently.  An amazing thing happened.  My father’s rational changed to:  “My son is a nice guy – and he came from me – therefore, maybe I’m okay.”  I became my father’s father, psychologically.  We were best friends, without being competitive, for the remainder of his years.  I loved my father, in spite of the treatment he had given me.  He had done his best, according to how he had been taught.      

This also changed my view towards my children.  I began to see them as worth while, and treated them accordingly.  That was a paradigm shift.  Boy, did they appreciate the change. 

I also had been a firm believer in science – Newtonian style.  If I couldn’t see, or touch something, it didn’t exist.  The paranormal, especially dowsing, was a bunch of ‘hooy’.  When I discovered that dowsing worked and I could do it, my life changed dramatically.  

So, here is the story of how that happened:  I have had a life time interest in exploring and studying natural limestone caverns.  I’m a speleologist, a spelunker, a caver.  I'm a Fellow of the National Speleological Society. 

I was working with a group that was doing exploratory excavation in a large sink hole on a mining claim, in the Stanislaus National Forest, in Tuolumne County, CA.  While on an outing with another group from the San Francisco Bay Area, we visited the site and were showing them what we had been doing. 
 We had done some blasting and some of the copper blasting wires were laying nearby.  A lady from the other group, LeRue Parker, picked up a couple of wires and fashioned them into crude L Rods.  She walked about and said “There’s a passage here – it’s headed that way – there’s another passage coming in from the side here – it gets wider there – it makes a turn to the left over here. 

I’m standing there thinking to myself  “Yea, and I’m Napoleon, too.”  Very skeptical.  The next day, I was telling the story to a friend, John Malon.  He said,  “Yes, Ralph, there is something to that.  I have a friend in San Jose, that located the Japanese telephone cables for the Army, after they had recaptured an island.      

He doesn’t know you, he doesn’t know LeRue, and he has never been to that place.  Would you be willing to go back there with the two of us?  Let’s see what he finds. 
 I was still skeptical, but I thought ‘any excuse for an outing to the mountains’, so I said okay.  When we got there, I asked him to walk across here, and walk across there, and here and there.  In every single instance he said the same things LeRue had said.  I was  standing there with my jaw hanging open, thinking “What’s going on here?”   He said he had an extra pairs of rods in the car, got them and showed me how to hold them.  I walked along side of him.  Every time his rods crossed, mine crossed.  I thought, “Hot Dog, not only does it work, but I can do it, too.”  My life was changed forever.  That was a paradigm shift. 

We as dowsers have been critizised by many scientists, because they can not understand how dowsing works.  Many religionists have also critizise dowsing, because they know that it has a ‘spiritual’ nature, and it does not fit into the mold of their religious paradigms; therefore, it must be ‘of the devil’.          

So, now let’s look at some paradigm shifts I see occurring in the world today.                                                                 

Let’s begin with a look at the history of science.  For centuries, everyone knew that there were only four basic elements:  Earth, Water, Fire and Air.  Then Sir Isaac Newton ‘invented’ the ‘laws of physics’.  This explained how everything works.  It is still the basis of instruction in our public school system.  It is why most scientists are skeptical of dowsing. 

In the first decade of the 1900s, Albert Einstein (who by the way, claimed to be a dowser) developed the theory of General Relativity.  Up to that time, there were three dimensions of space, plus the fourth dimension of time.  Einstein postulated a fifth dimension – speed.  He said that time and space, are relative to speed.  As speed increases, time and space shrink.  He said it was impossible to exceed the speed of light, but if we could, we would be in eternity, where there is no time and space.  It took years for his theories to be accepted, partly because they were misunderstood, but mostly because they disagreed with accepted paradigms. 

About 1930, another physicist, Max Plank, developed the theory of Quantum Physics, or Quantum Mechanics.  Whereas, Einstein dealt with ‘the big picture’ of the Universe, quantum physics dealt with ‘the little picture’, sub-atomic particles.  Einstein was still alive and agreed with the theory.  However, the big picture and the little picture could not be reconciled, and Einstein spent the rest of his life searching for what he called ‘the Unifying Field’.  He died without finding it.

In 1971, a group of physicists proposed the Super String Theory.  It said that all sub-atomic particles are taunt strings, like the strings on a violin, that are vibrating.  More theories have been proposed in rapid order, each suggesting how things really are.  Several of them say they have found the Unifying Field.

Finally now, a group of advanced serious scientists, have said ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’.  Did you see the movie?  It had a sequel ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, and another sequel has recently been released.   We have found that the more we know, the more we know, how much we don’t know.  Or in other words, it is impossible to state with a certainty just how things really are.  It leaves the door open for an unknown force to be at work in the Universe.  Let’s call that force, Subtle Energy.  Perhaps subtle energy is what makes dowsing work.  It may explain a lot of mysteries beyond our present paradigms.   

So, could it be, that science has stumbled onto the real nature of Deity before religion?  If so, then religion will need to adjust, in order to keep the populace interested and attending their organized churches.  This paradigm shift in science is causing a paradigm shift in religion. 

In fact, I have already seen much evidence that it is already happening.
 Many fundamentalist churches no longer dwell on the fear of Hell, the people don’t want to hear it.  The Pastor of a large church in Houston, Texas, Joel Osteen, has a regular TV program each Sunday.  I would describe his sermons as being motivational messages.  He is preaching the ‘Dignity of Man’, challenging his people to live up to the potential of being worth while.   

A man in the Catholic Church, close to the Pope, Monsignor Valduchi, has said that extra-terrestials are a real possibility.                                                                                   

A few years ago, there was a conference in Berkeley, California, that was inter-faith.  They had catholic priests, protestant ministers, and Muslim leaders joining together to ‘seek spirituality’ outside of traditional organized religion.  They have agreed to further pursue their efforts.  This is a record breaking ground swell.  What a change!  A paradigm shift?                                                                                  

Those who believe strongly in any belief system are known as fundamentalists.  There are Christian Fundamentalists.  There are Muslim Fundamentalists.  Fortunately, the vast majority of followers, in any religion, are hypocrites, espousing a belief, but not living it to it’s extreme.  Thank goodness for hypocrites! I think they may save our society.  They may be more open minded to change.                                                                                   

Let’s take a look at the history of religion.  First, we had poly-theism – many Gods.  Each rock and tree was a god.  Then Moses introduced the concept of mono-theism – one God.  But, He was thought to be an angry judgmental God, needing to be appeased.  Sacrifices were necessary.  Blood of animals was spilt on the altar. 

When Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, the apostles were Hebrew and still thought in the paradigm of blood sacrifice, and the first Christians interpreted his death as a blood sacrifice for an angry God.  I believe Jesus of Nazareth had an entirely different message. 

The coming paradigm is that of Deity as a kind loving Father, who needs no appeasement.  The only part of our being ‘lost’ is that we need to realize that we are His children, and claim our birth rights (similar to the parable of the prodigal son, who returned to his father bearing no gifts, making no sacrifices) and we  need to realize that we are all children of Deity.  We are all part of the larger whole.  As children of God, we are Gods, also.    

When I had paradigm shifts in my life, they occurred rather rapidly.  Past society world view shifts such as: ‘gosh the world is not flat’, or ‘golly the earth is not the center of the universe’, or ‘gee our sun is not the only star in the sky’, etc, etc, took years to be fully accepted. 

Even though quantum physics was ‘discovered’ in 1930, it is just now being brought to the fore of thinking, 80 years later.  Don’t expect everyone to jump on the band wagon immediately.  It may take time, but it has started, and the trend is non-reversible.

There are several other changes occurring that could speed up this trend.  The internet and cell phones are speeding information exchange.  We are living in unprecedented times. 

Another is the realization that mankind is not the only intelligent life in the Universe.  A majority of people, world wide, believe that UFOs are real, and that there are extra-terrestrial beings.  Crop circles are fascinating more and more folks.  Many are expecting contact by extra terrestrial beings at any moment.  I believe that it is imminent, and related to the 2012 Shift. 

In my opinion, there are two basic types.  First, there are mortals from other worlds in our local universe.  They have a higher technology than we do.   Second, there are celestial beings, immortals from further away.  They definitely have high moral values.   

It is claimed that celestial beings did make contact as early as the 1930s.  They gave mankind a complex message, which became printed and distributed as the Urantia Book.  The Urantia Book has not been popularized because it has advanced concepts beyond the paradigms of either science or religion, up to this time. 

Here’s how it came about:
 William S. Sadler was a medical doctor, who studied in Europe under Freud and Jung.  He became known as the father of American psychiatry.   Sadler had married into the Kellogg family, of breakfast cereal fame.  He was a personal friend of Mary Ellen White, who along with the Kelloggs, established the 7th Day Adventist Church.  

Sadler had written many books and magazine articles, and was especially opposed to “Spiritualism”, and the Spirit World.  However, he had an experience that he could not explain, that was a paradigm shift in his life.

This caused both he and his wife to be excommunicated from the church.

The complete hand written text of the Urantia Book mysteriously appeared in Sadler’s office safe.  Only he knew the combination. 

He took handwriting samples from everyone he knew, to a graphologist (hand writing expert).  Each human has personality quirks that show up in how they write.  Studying the writing can tell about these personalities.  Each of us is different, just as we have different finger prints.  

The graphologist could not identify the writer, and in fact, said that the writer had as near a perfect writing as he had ever seen.  The manuscript claimed to have been written by Mid Way Creatures, long existing beings that live on this planet and have characteristics midway between humans and angels.   

The book has four parts.  The first three parts claim to have been dictated by immortals from far away in the Universe, and the fourth part written directly by the Mid Way Creatures, who had been eye witnesses to the life of Jesus of Nazareth.    

This happened in 1934 and 1935, in Chicago, but the book was not published until 1955 .      


The entire book can be read on line at   Or, it can be ordered online, for under $20.   The Urantia Book has had a significant influence on my life and was another paradigm shift for me.  

Another shift occurring is the change going on with our sun, which is causing major changes to our climate and other physical activities, such as earth quakes and volcanism.  It appears that we are entering a period of major volcanism.    

But, what is causing the changes in the sun?                                                                                    

In Paper 15 of the Urantia Book, it tells about the mind boggling vastness of the Universe of Universes.  It tells that there are seven Super Universes, each containing one trillion inhabited worlds, that rotate counter clockwise around the Isle of Paradise, the geographic center of eternity, where there is no time and space.  It tells that this circuit is not a perfect circle, but an elipse or oval.                                                                                          

Think of it as a race track with a straightaway on both sides and curves on both ends.  When a race car approaches the end of the track, it slows and slides around the curve, before accelerating again as it enters the next straightaway.                                                                                  

The Urantia Book tells that our Super Universe, called Orvonton, has just about rounded the corner and is starting to speed into a straightaway.  Our world has been at this same point many times before, but never in our recorded history.  This is what causes the long term cycles of weather, etc, that scientists have seen in sedimentation, tree rings, glaciers, etc.  As we move faster, time and space change, which  also results in changes in consciousness.                                                                         

Keep in mind that this is affecting one trillion inhabited worlds, not just ours.  Our sun is only one of many.  It is truly mind boggling.   But our world, which is called Urantia in the celestial registry, is the one we live on, and that we should be concerned about.  All these shifts combined is what I would call the ‘Graduation’.  Others call it ‘Ascension’, or ‘The Shift’.  We live in exciting times!  It all coincides with the Mayan Calendar and the Hopi prophecies.    

Now, is this a graduation with a PhD?  Or, is this a graduation with a Bachelors degree?  Or, is this a graduation from High School?  Or, from the eighth grade?  I more suspect that the comparison could better be made as going from the first grade to the second grade.  We’ve got a long way to go.  We will never know it all in this life, on this planet.  So stay humble.                                                                              

What gives me hope is that the Urantia Book tells that there are beings, known as Absoniters, or those who do know absolute truth.  These beings originate from the Infinite, the source of all truth.  I believe that it is these beings, to whom our dowsing questions are directed with focused intent, and from whom we receive our      answers. 

As dowsers, we can know a lot more through 
the use of this subtle energy emanating from the Infinite, and we can be a help to mankind during these times of shifting paradigms.  As dowsers, we can be the middle ground, as science and religion merge.                                                                       

But, there are limitations.  I know of no dowser that gets 100% accuracy.  Three limitations come to mind:                                                                                      

First, we are mortals, not yet capable of comprehending complex concepts.  If I spoke to a kindergarten class about nuclear physics, and asked if they had any questions, would they be capable of asking appropriate questions?  That’s sort of our situation.  Some things we just can’t understand yet, and that effects our dowsing ability. 

Second, we are limited by language.  Word symbols mean difference things to different people.  If each of you were interviewed by a newspaper reporter tomorrow, you would each give a different story of what I have said today.  We do not have a perfect language – a definite limitation.   

Third, we cannot yet comprehend the meaning of eternity, where many of these advanced concepts exist.  We tend to think in terms of how far and how long.  We live in time and space.  Eternity is somehow beyond our grasp.  Maybe another shift, later? 

The paradigm shifts I’ve mentioned are only those I see as a result of my experiences.  Perhaps you have had other experiences and see other shifts occurring?   

One possible shift I’ll mention, has to do with money.  Many sources are predicting a financial collapse more severe that the Great Depression and having world wide implications.                                                                                

I’ll stay neutral on any specific predictions, but I’ll do a ‘What if scenario’.  What if money itself loses all value, and the world goes to a complete barter system.  Those with large cash reserves and those with inherited wealth, and those that use money to maintain control over others, would suddenly lose their power.  Those that control natural resources would not be able to sell them for a ‘high price’, because their money could not ‘buy’ anything.   The ‘haves and have nots’ would be more equal.  Now, that would be a paradigm shift of great proportion.  It would bring down the Illuminati.  I believe this is imminent, and the Illuminati know it. 

Many people will become fearful, but we can look forward with anticipation for the positive outcome.

Fear not!
  The System is in control!   

To help mankind better understand this subtle energy, and it’s various components, several of us have formed an international organization to do so.  We call it the Subtle Energy Research Institute – World Wide, or the acronym is (SERI).  It is web based:                                                                                  

It is an on-line journal to report on research and discussion of subtle energy with at least 33 different Focus Areas, or categories, one of which is dowsing.  We have a coordinator for each Focus Area, which has it’s own page on the web site.  The public is invited to ask questions, submit articles or do book reviews.   We will attempt to keep wording at a level that can be understood by common citizens.                             

A free service is sending email notices, of when new articles are posted to the site.  We currently have about 500 subscribers all over the US, and the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, England, France, Norway, Italy, Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and India.  To get onto this list, please write your name, city and state, and email address on the note pad being passed around, or email to                                                                           

I’ve related to you today, some ancient wisdom.  Please apply this to your living today.
         Thank you for your attention.  I believe we have time for questions.