Independant Spirit: A Spiritual Anthology by Kerry Gillett
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About the Book Independent Spirit:  A Spiritual Anthology
written by Kerry Louise Gillett
Available through

“It’s like a manual for life that guides one along life’s volatile course.  It provides the steadiness
that one looks for when one is aching in the head, the mind, uncomfortable in the body, and restless
in the spirit, when one doesn’t know where or how to look for a release and healing.  I left it at my
 bedside and opened up any chapter and found that it addressed exactly what I needed at that
 moment to set my haywire system back into a rhythmically pulsating one.”

Mina C.

“The EnergySignature art in Independent Spirit is fabulous.  The EnergySignatures are evocative, powerful, and beautiful.  They’re just -- wow!  Their power is transcendent.”
Kathryn G.
Seattle, Washington

Independent Spirit heals through bringing new knowledge, lifting one up to a new level of consciousness at that moment in time when it is just right to receive the blessing.”
Tony C.
Larkspur, CA

“It is one of those rare books which can be picked up from time to time.  A person can open it to almost any page and read it as a stand-alone piece.  There are so many lessons and so much wisdom -- in quotes, the art, songs, and poems.”
Constance B.
San Rafael, CA

“The material in this book is a springboard for a person to think about their own beliefs and to use to fill in their faith structure.”
Menna N.
Napa, CA

“Most of all, this book is meant to be a tool for healing.  It gives us direction for our own healing -- of the body, mind, and spirit.  The music is beautiful, and the voice is soothing and meditative.  Every morning I play the music CD when I do my prayers.  Independent Spirit opens up the joy.”
Madeleine N.
Los Angeles, CA

Independent Spirit is really good.  It’s simple, easy to read and understand, with lots of good information.”
Carl V.
Novato, CA

“As I write this, I’m halfway through the book, cherishing every line.  The whole book is a piece of art.  It reminds me of my first spiritual book 30 years ago that transformed my life.”
Susan H.
San Francisco, CA

“I continue to open and read Independent Spirit for inspiration.  It is uncanny how this book speaks to me and brings some peace.”
Wendy T.
Santa Rosa, CA

“To Kerry and Her Book in the Winter of 2007:
You made this book Kerry 
And whether it pop bangs! or sushshhhhssses…
it cries with wise youth and brightness.
(it is awake)
This book.  These pages of words
you raised and assisted in growth
until it was exquisitely ready
to face our truths
And wail its light to the heavenly planted universe.

In times of floating, running, making, and finding…

these pages of you will remain
in my purest form of a
Kate F.
San Francisco, CA