Heaven Is Not the Last Stop by Sheila Keene Lund
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Have you ever asked yourself why our world is burdened with intolerance, prejudice, and hate when the foundations of all major religions are love, peace, and service? Do you wonder why we can’t seem to align our human actions with our divine ideals?

In the search for meaning our world has reached a plateau of spiritual beliefs, a blending of philosophies and theologies from east to west, from mainstream to the esoteric, from the ancient to the latest. Despite a growing interest in personal spiritual development, much of the world suffers from moral and religious confusion. Peace, the measure of social evolution, continues to elude us. Our challenge is not so much to do things differently but to perceive them differently, in a new light that is graced with the wisdom of an epochal revelation. Embracing new insights into our understanding of God and God’s relation to humanity will stimulate devotion, spiritual humility, and a selfless attitude of service. The faith grasp of the fatherhood of God makes obvious its corollary: the brotherhood of all humans. This simple yet profound spiritual understanding holds the potential to reshape our world.

Today’s stubborn adherence to rigid thinking divides a weary humanity, locked in conflict and afflicted with violence. We see our own beliefs as truth, but too often our actions are not aligned with the essence of those beliefs. The brotherhood of man gets lip service but is largely ignored in the march of personal and political interactions. The never-ending quest for dominance breeds power struggle and religious upheaval, distracting us from our human commonality. Living like members of the family of God is more than an intellectual concept or optimistic hope, and the doing of righteousness is not enough. It is being righteous, the result of deliberate and steadfast efforts to cultivate true spiritual character, that nourishes unity and fosters the spirit of cooperation among all people.

It took me twelve years to write this book and reconcile my beliefs with an epochal revelation, The Urantia Book. During that time, my connection to God deepened and my worldview expanded out to cosmic levels I had never imagined. With this new conceptual experience of my relation to God and the universe, spiritual development took on new meaning. The last section of this book offers you the insights I gained in that process. I see it as a roadmap that integrates spiritual practice with a universal framework for the progressive and balanced development of human consciousness. Section Four could have been a book in itself—short, compelling, and easy to read like so many other self-help spiritual books. However, it would have lacked the powerful new concepts and teachings that are presented in Sections One through Three. This revealed knowledge challenges the outdated models of our spiritual origin, history, and destiny. It produces an upgraded and comprehensive frame of reference for every reader that can be passed through you to others and into the wider community. Elevating the consciousness of our world is an urgent imperative and this calling hinges on the discovery of new and higher spiritual meanings and values and in the progressive reconciliation of science with religion, nature with God.

Heaven Is Not the Last Stop
is intended to be a soul shaker. Its message is designed to inspire the reader to develop deeper levels of spiritual understanding and growth; to promote humility and greater expressions of loving service. Some may find the content too challenging, while others may embrace only that which requires small effort. Spiritual progressives will be inspired to examine some widely held beliefs and emerge with personal faith insights and fresh reconciliations of their own. It will take resolve—and the dedication of individuals with foresight and courage—to objectively explore the revelations in this book and attain a cosmic perspective that transcends our instinctive preoccupation with personal enlightenment and salvation.

In Sections One and Two, “Humanity’s Spiritual Origin” and “Humanity’s Spiritual History,” bold new insights into faith and religion will lead you beyond existing concepts to undiscovered ideals and unexplored realities. Historical and theological gaps are filled, upgrading human speculation with reasonable revelation. You will explore the vast celestial hierarchy involved in the evolution and ascension of humanity and gain valuable new insights into the relationships between soul, spirit, and personality, including the profound importance of family.

Section Three, “Humanity’s Spiritual Destiny,” offers expanded detail and clarity about the individual and collective fortunes awaiting us. Myths and distorted concepts of heaven are dispelled; the “fires of hell” are extinguished. You will examine a widespread belief that could be thwarting social progress. And the great adventure that awaits you after death is fully revealed as is the destiny of future generations.

Collectively, the four sections expand your worldview, empowering you to develop and embody a contagious philosophy of living that enlivens your experience and expression of compassion and love. You will discover higher values that will influence you in making superior choices, attracting all that is good in the mind and challenging you to express that which is best in your soul.

The challenge is there for the taking: Are you willing to take the ultimate journey of mind and spirit? Are you open to the realization of deeper understanding? Are you prepared to make faith a priority, to question prevailing attitudes and beliefs? Are you ready to envision a new and appealing universe perspective that lifts human hope for an enlightened era of spiritual vitality – the next age of humanity? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are ready to embark on a journey that is certain to both agitate and satisfy your mind, heart, and soul.

Prepare to be amazed and uplifted!