Change Your DNA, Change Your Life! by Robert V. Gerard

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Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!

Yes! It ’s a fact!

Scientifically verified that trillions of protein receptors within your cells actually serve as perception filters. Your thoughts, imaginations, and passions inherently alter DNA and cell behavior. This process reinforces your God-given power to self-heal and fulfill your desires.

Change Your DNA, Change Your Life! is a journey to better health, self-healing, and emotional freedom. It will take you to the edge of your imagination, purge your emotional blocks, and propel your creativity and well-being.

Over 125,000 people around the globe have had their DNA activated, and are enjoying a genetic acceleration toward health, joy, and peace. They have reported consistent positive results and life improvements.

Now, let the
power of your intent and imagination reach its highest potential—through DNA ACTIVATIONS.

Learn how to perform: First DNA ACTIVATION (Youth and Vitality Chromosomes

Second DNA ACTIVATION (Expansion & Rejuvenation) DNA Meditations and DNA Healing Commands

All materials are carefully written for the general public in
straightforward language.

by Dr. Robert V. Gerard

ISBN 1-880666-85-5, $14.

You can change your life forever. With these results-oriented techniques, you, too, can experience:

(Revised Edition, 5th printing)

Life without fear

Improved nutrition awareness

Detachment from "hot-buttons"

Improved relationships

Improved Self-Love and Trust

Emotional stability

Clarity of thought

Peace and fulfillment

Letting go of "old stuff"

Awareness of Life’s purpose and destiny

Published by Oughten House Foundation, Inc., Translated into 13 languages, thousands of copies sold.

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Available through New Leaf Distributing • Voice: 800.326.2665 or Fax 800.326.1066

Oughten House Foundation, Inc. PO Box 74, Binghamton, NY 13903 USA