The First Principles: A Scientists Guide To the Spiritual by Dr John Joseph Petrovic
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"The First Principles: A Scientist’s Guide to the Spiritual", by Dr. John Joseph Petrovic, offers a rare and invaluable perspective on the philosophy of science, spirituality, and the ever increasing, blurred boundary between the two. Author Petrovic grapples with big ideas and weighty concepts, but brings them down to earth in the form of three basic axioms, elegant in their simplicity, and profound in their implications. The First Principles: A Scientist’s Guide to the Spiritual does not take a purely intellectual approach to science and spirituality, far from it. Petrovic expands his well formed and scrupulously shaped arguments into a personal and actionable philosophy, that if applied to daily life, can deepen one’s personal relationship with “the more” that so many call God. Told with compassion and written with the non-scientist in mind, The First Principles: A Scientist’s Guide to the Spiritual teaches a new way to understand the beauty and elegance of science and spirituality.