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Ashley, Karen:  Director of the West Coast Dowsing Conference; President, Golden Gate Dowsers; retired from working with medical records at UC San Francisco Hospital; lives in San Francisco, CA

Biffle, Earl (Biff):  retired Engineer, Missouri Highway Department; lives in Fenton, MO (near St Louis)

Champion, Alex, PhD:  retired Biologist; expert in labyrinths; lives near Sebastopol, CA (Sonoma County).

Christian, Barry:  retired from law enforcement; Co-Chair, Sierra Dowsers; lives in American Canyon, CA (near Napa)

Epstein, Bette:  practices and teaches hypno-therapy; lives in Dallas, TX  

Finck, Nicolas:  former Director, West Coast Conference; retired from Municipal Transit Authority, City of San Francisco; lives in State of Virginia

French, Nancy: Retired Nurse - US Air Force (Major),  consultant in Naturopathy; lives in Northern, MI 

Gandrup, Robert:  Real Estate Appraiser; Business Consultant; pilot; lives in Aromas, CA (near Watsonville)

Gieseler. Mardi:  retired research biologist with a background in Engineering; lives in Tucson, Arizona 

Gilchrist, Deborah:  consultant in Reiki; lives in Michigan

Grace, Raymon:  formerly with Silva Mind Control; full time author, lecturer and work shop conductor; lives in the mountains of Western Virginia

Hester, Jon:  medical student; school teacher; has a live radio talk show; lives in El Paso, TX

Jordan, Frank:  retired cattleman and Mgr of Farm Supply Co; Past Trustee, American Society of Dowsers; lives in Boise, ID  

Jubb, Judith: Artist, Clairvoyant; reads and paints auras; lives near Cottonwood, AZ

Peterson, Haroldine (Dena):  retired Administrative Assistant, computer industry; died 6 Sep 2009.

Peterson, John:  Corporate Attorney; lives in Seattle, WA

Plapp, Gary: retired Research Electrical Engineer, NASA; President of dowsing chapter; lives in Las Lunas, New Mexico

Polsinelli, Gina:  consultant in family and marriage relationships (private practice); Past President of the San Jose Dowsers; lives in Ben Lomond, CA (near Santa Cruz)  

Rekow, Warren: retired computer & financial consultant; lives near Boise, ID

Russell, Bill, PhD:  retired Professor of Physics, Pennsylvania State University; lives in PA 

Ryan, Rob:  Consultant in Business & Finances; lives in Aromas, CA (near Watsonville)

Smith, Clay:  Electronics Specialist; Solar Consultant; builder; lives wherever he parks his motor home.

Spuhler, Tom:  retired Computer Programer, HP; lives in Westford, MA (near Boston)

Squire, Ralph:  former Counter Intelligence Agent; retired Farm Manager (fruits); owner and operator of an RV park; President, SERI; Past Treasurer, American Society of Dowsers; Fellow, Natl Speleological Soc.; lives in Columbia, CA 

Stillman, Carolyn: Director, Southwest Dowsing Conference;  home and remodel designer; architecture consultant;  lives in Sedona, AZ  

Stillman, Ed: retired scientist with Lockheed Martin; top water dowser in Arizona; teaches Basic Dowsing at conferences;  lives in Sedona, AZ

Van Drie, John:  retired businessman; former Counter Intelligence Agent; author and lecturer; lives in Illinois (near Chicago)

Wetherbee, Kathy: has a Masters degree in Education; substitute teaches; consultant in Feng Shui; lives in Colorado.  

Woods, Walt:  retired Professor of X-ray Technology; Past President, American Society of Dowsers; lecturer; lived in Oroville, CA.  Transitioned to the Mansion Worlds on 12 August 2011.