Why Good People Do Bad Things by Debbie Ford
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Reviewed by Gregg Braden

Most of us were taught that if we just wrap ourselves in enough layers, create a convincing enough persona or hide behind an attractive enough mask, people won't discover (or, more to the point, we won't discover) that we are flawed, imperfect, and insecure. We wrap ourselves in the layers of our false self to conceal that we are talented, brilliant, and more fortunate than those around us.  It's downright exhausting to keep hiding and denying parts of ourselves. Eventually, like a beach ball held under water, they pop up and smack us in the face.  This is the birth of self-sabotage.

Why Good People Do Bad Things, a bold new book written by best selling author and coach, Debbie Ford, takes us behind the facade of the false self, guides us to heal the split between our ego and our soul and live the authentic life that is well within our reach.
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