Shape Power by Dan Davidson
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Shape converts the universal aether, the space energy into other forces such as electromagnetic, gravitic, and magnetism.  This occurs from the subatomic level realm on up the scale of size to the galaxy and beyond. 

This has been discussed in my book, 'Shape Power'.  This dissertation goes into the subatomic particles, the electron and proton as shape power forms, their shape effects, and how the forces associated with them get created in the aether.  The electron and proton shapes are torroidal rings in the aether.   When extended into cylinders on a macro level, are also shape power forms that draw in and concentrate the aether in the same manner.

If an aether collector is provided in the center of the cylinder,  the aether can be concentrateds even further.  The cylindrical  Joe Cell design is such an aether collector.  Detailed analysis of the Joe Cell leads to the question - How can such a device produce  a combustible "gas" from the water, when the water is not deleted from the Joe Cell cylinder?"  Furthermore, How can the Joe Cell produce some force that allows an internal combustion engine to function when the "gas" is not even input into the air stream of the engine?  There are many anomalous aspects to the Joe Cell, which have never been answered.

Another shape power device closely related to the Joe Cell collects ORMEs from  the air.  ORME is an acronym invented by David Hudson, who is credited with rediscovering th ancient Philosopher's Stone, the fabled alchemical powder that would rejuvenate the body, illumine the mind, and transmute base metals into gold or other precious  metals.

ORME stands for Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Element.  ORMEs are mono-atomic versions of elements in the transition series of the periodic table.  This paper will deliniate the marvelous discovery of the ORMEs and why they exist in many places in our world and how an absurdly simple shape power device can collect ORMEs and be used in agriculture and as a health adjunct to increase health and well being.  The author is living proof that this device does some wonderous magic.