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 If you would like to submit articles pertaining to Healing, contact Frank Jordan by clicking here: 

HEALING: ultimately a self-directed process leading to enlightenment that involves transcending duality by returning to unity consciousness, reuniting with Source as an individuated being, and becoming "whole." Healing is to be distinguished from curing, which is the alleviation of a symptom or ailment in oneself or another without necessarily producing healing.


Ear Candling

Faith Healing

Distant Healing by Stephan Scharz

Self Healing by Pete Warburton

Crop Circles and Healing by Freddy Silva

Healing Through Sound Therapy

Can Subtle Energy Interface With Technology? by Judith Jubb

Are We All Qigong Masters? By Lynne McTaggart

21st Century Healing and Curing by Melinda Iverson Inn

What Exactly are Chakras? by Melinda Iverson Inn

Discover the Benefits of Meditation by Melinda Iverson Inn

The Egg, The Peach, and the Dalai Lama by Melinda Iverson Inn

Permission to Heal by Fred

Wellness and Consciousness by Jerry Gin, PhD

Discovery of a True Cure for Alzheimer's from PC Health

Inside-Out Healing by Dr Richard Moss

Advanced ThetaHealing by Vianna Stibal

The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd

Healthy Mind by Dave Holt

Cancer, Foe or Friend? by Lau'ana Lei

Why We Crave by Janice Curtin, MA

The Healing Trinity by Brenda Schnose

The Silver Hare by M. Carol Assa

There is No Perfect Way to Heal by Jennie Williams

A Diet to Help Us Stay Young by Donna Gates

Handling Cancer by Rick Cantrell, PhD, MD, PsyD

Matter and Spirit - Where Do You Draw the Line? by Ann Napier

How To Heal and Be Healed by Sheevaun Moran

How Does Energy Healing Work? by Jonathan Parker

Medical Intuition and Energy Healing by Dr Liliana Cerepnalkoski

A Lesson About Healing by a Mentori

What Will You Believe About Yourself Today by David Arenson ND

Never Fear - The Quantum Doctor Is Here by Amit Goswami, PhD