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If you would like to submit articles pertaining to Dowsing, please email them to Ralph Squire
 at this address  
We invite you to check the web site of the American Society of Dowsers:

A Definition of Dowsing:

The communication of subtle energies and information perceived by one's extended senses and natural intuition with the focused conscious "rational" mind through the use of a device and/or learned response.
(Information received in this manor is of a holographic nature, not limited by time and space or the acknowledged physical laws of the universe)

Introduction to Dowsing by Hank Innerfeld

Historical Roots of Dowsing by Hank Innerfeld

Dowsing in Recent Times by Hank Innerfeld

Modern Applications of Dowsing by Hank Innerfeld

Doubting Dowsing Ability by Rob Ryan

Eliminating Unhealthy Earth Energy

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Dowsing: "Intuition With a Read Out Device"

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Foundations of a new Vibrational Science (Dowsing) by Robert J. Gilbert, PhD

The Health Effects of Modern Technology by Kerry Gillett

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Dowsing for Financial Questions by Kerry Louise Gillett

The weather and Earth Changes by Kerry Gillett


Making The Unconscious Conscious With Dowsing by Melinda Iverson Inn

The Knowable Unknown by Kathryn Deputat

Dowsing to Access the Mystery of Our Mind by Gayla Yates

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Dowsers by Barney Turner

Unconventional Water Detection by Hans-Dieter Betz

Talks With Devas by Roger Pye

Healing Through Dowsing, Part 1 by Roger Pye

Healing Through Dowsing, Part 2 by Roger Pye

Map Dowsing by Geoffrey Peart-Tang

Your Body Knows by Selacia