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Experimental Devices, Warren Rekow Coordinator

If you would like to submit articles about Experimental Devices, please email  Warren Rekow:

Learn about a SCIO biofeedback device

Voice Mapping Device

Salt Water for Fuel

Electric Car

New Battery Type

New Batteries on the Horizon

The End of Batteries

World's Smallest Battery: Nano Wire Anode Improves Performance from Science Daily

EEStor - A breakthrough in battery technology

Global Ultracapacitors Market as of Feb 2010

First Energy Storage Membrane by Gilbert Ericksen

Breakthrough in Solar Energy

Perpetual Motion Machine Invented?

Turning Physics on Its Ear by Tyler Hamilton

Free Energy Devices Available Soon

Steorn Free Energy Tests, Jan 2010

Free Energy from Ball Lightning

Thunder Storms Produce Antimatter by Tony Phillips

Check the website of Tom Bearden

Check the Tesla Tech Website

David Hudson's "Grand Science Adventure"

Piezoelectric Effect in Clothing

The Rodin Coil

MIT Breakthrough in Solar Energy

Capturing Solar Power from Space

Fusion Energy via Lasers

Fusion Energy Systems

"Cavity Structural Effect & Insect Antigravity"

New Scientific Discoveries by Mitch Battros

Magnetic Resonance Make Tangible "Invisible" by Mitch Battros

Big Bang Abandoned

Fuel Cell Efficiency from Science Daily

New Evidence that Magnetism is Driving Force Behind Superconductivity from Science Daily

Testing Validates Hydrino Theory by Joe Shea

Fusion Energy Potential from Business Energy Reports

Italian Scientists Claim to Demonstrate Cold Fusion by Lisa Zyga

Cold Fusion: It May Not Be Madness by Mike Martin

New Battery Could Change the World: One House at a Time by Ashley Franscell

Fuel Reducer by Paul Kincaid

Breakthrough in Faster-Than-Light Travel/Communication by Roland Michel Tremblay

Theory of Everything by Roland Michel Tremblay

Springing Into A Gravitation Revolution by Roland Michel Tremblay

The Quantum Wave Laser by Christan Hummel

Cold Laser Technology by Carmen Harris

Scientist Prove DNA Can Be Reprogramed by Grazyna Fosar & Franz Bludorf

Travel Faster Than the Speed of Light? by Clara Moskowitz

Is Our Universe A Hologram? in the Daily Galaxy

The Invisable Universe by Luke Hayes

Artificial Photosynthesis to Produce Fuels by Dave Levitan

Was Einstein Wrong About Our Universe by Nicholas Kohler

Nothingness: The Turbulent Life of Empty Space by Paul Davies

Torsion: The Key to the Theory of Everything by Brendon D. Murphy

Dark-Matter, Dark Energy and the Big Bang All Finally Resolved by Roland Michel Tremblay

India to Use Subtle Energy from Daily News & Analysis

A Potential New Energy Source by Debbie West

The Noble Gas Engine by an unknown author