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Ralph Squire, President SERI-Worldwide

Submit questions, articles, etc, to:  Ralph Squire:

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The Adjuster and the Soul

Discourse on Time and Space by a Celestial Being

Abandon Theologies by Ernest Moyer

Meet David Bohm, Cosmic Physicist

Galactic Federation, 24 May 2010

Jumping Time Lines by Tom Kenyon

Spiritual Addiction by Aluna Joy

Thought Adjusters by a Celestial Being

NASA Spots Potential Life-Friendly Planets from AP News

Message on 4/15/2011 from SaLuSa

Message from SaLuSa, 29 July 2011

Healthy Mind by Dave Holt

Dawn of the New World Jesusonians by Jon C. Erick

The Coming Scientific Validation of the Urantia Book by Dr Philip Calabrese

My Way of Living by Ellen White

YouTube: Ancient Aliens in Aztec Mexico

A Lesson About Healing by a Mentori

Perception by a Mentori

Excellence in Living by a Mentori

A lesson on Touch by a Mentori

Be Great or Be Useful by a Mentori

Wisdom by a Mentori

Finding A deeper Connection With Spirit by a Mentori

A Lesson On Grace and Mercy by a Mentori

A Lesson on Importance by a Mentori

Revenge vs Justice by a Mentori

A lesson on How to Love by a Mentori

Walking on Their Own by A mentori

Personality and Loving the Self by a Mentori

Kindness is Your Strength by a Mentori