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The Aura - Personal Energy Field

The AURA is made up of a collection of subtle matter and is called the ETHERIC BODY.

Because of genetic, soular, personality expression, and environmental factors, each ETHERIC BODY creates its own patterns. The etheric body consists of at least (4) separate essences:

  • Chemical - polar positive and negative expression - assimilation, excretion
  • Life - polar positive and negative forces of propagation - gender difference
  • Light - diversifies into polarity - blood, sight, hearing and other senses.
  • Reflection - all stimuli make an impression on the human brain. This imprints on the 'etheric double' and these experiences can be seen by a clairvoyant.
  • If you would like to submit articles about Auras, send them to Judith Jubb by clicking here:

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