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If you would like to submit articles regarding Astrology, please submit to Rob Ryan

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Visit a website for Astrology and Horoscopes (Find Your

Vernal Equinox 2008

The 1930s and 2010s - Great Depressions by Bill Herpst

Pluto: Rooting Out Our Deepest Problems, by Bill Herbst

Time of Radical Shift by Maurice Fernandez

June 2010 Lunar Eclipse and Grand Cross

Cancer New Moon, 11 July 2010 by Barbara Hand Clow

2010 Fall Equinox, 22 Sep 2010, by Barbara Hand Clow

AstroFlash, March 2011, with Barbara Hand Clow

Virgo New Moon: 28 August 2011 by Barbara Hand Clow

The Revolution of Consciousness (3/11/2011)by Salvador Russo

Revolutions and Transformations by Gail Minogue

Mayan Calendar is Shifting 4/22/2011

8-11-11 Strong Portals Anyone? by Denise Le Fay

Venus Transit by Christan Hummel

Beyond Warring Behavior by Buryl Payne

2012, A Great Time to be Alive by Buryl Payne

Astrology Report for July 2012 by Dorene Carrel