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To subscribe to our Subtle Energy Email list, tell us your name, email address and the City and State of residence and then put "subscribe" in the subject box - send to .  You will receive notices of new articles and other items of interest, from time to time.  There is no cost, but we would appreciate any donations to help with our work.  We are a tax deductible 501(c)3 corporation  Thanks!
Here are a few examples of some articles related to subtle energy which have been posted previously

Our Spiritual Heritage by Mark Macy. From the Foundation for Mind-Being Research

Teleportation by Walt Woods

Ear Candling by Frank Jordan

Exercise for Old-Timers By Ralph Edgarton Hernandez

What the Bleep For Dowsers by Ralph Squire, President of SERI Worldwide

Ralph Squire's talk at Santa Cruz on 5 July 2010.

Fixing Troubled Romantic Relationships with the Help of Universe by Ralph Edgarton Hernandez

Acts of Love Introduction by Jon Hester

The Spiritual Energy of Food by Jon Hester

Tom Sotiridy: Letters from Possum

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