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Governing Board
President : Ralph Squire
Vice Pres: Nicolas Finck
Sec/Treas: Open Position
Other Directors: Tom Spuhler, Gina Polsinelli
SENIOR ADVISORS: Raymon Grace, Mardi Gieseler, Ed Stillman, John Peterson, Rob Ryan and Clay Smith.
FOCUS COORDINATORS:  Karen Ashley, Earl Biffle, Alex Champion, Barry Christian, Bette Epstein, Nancy French, Robert Gandrup, Mardi Gieseler, Deborah Gilchrist, Raymon Grace, Jon Hester, Frank Jordan, Judith Jubb, Gary Plapp, Warren Rekow, Bill Russell, Rob Ryan, Ralph Squire, Carolyn & Ed Stillman, John Van Drie, and Kathy Wetherbee.

Walt Woods was our Founder and Past-President Transitioned to the Mansion Worlds

Ralph Squire, President

Nicolas Finck, Vice-President

Our Purpose:

1. To encourage research in the fields of subtle energy.

2. To foster discussion regarding subtle energy.


3. To disseminate the results of research to the public.

4. To share with the public, information and ideas regarding subtle energy

Raymon Grace, Senior Advisor

Haroldine Peterson, Former Treasurer & Secretary Transitioned to the Mansion Worlds

To hear Ralph Squire talk about Subtle Energy, click here:

International Headquarters:  SERI Worldwide
11555 Yankee Hill Rd
Columbia, California 95310